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I ordered a voucher from and went right over to to pick out my items.when I went to check out, it was telling me the voucher wasn't valid.

When I contacted customer service they told me my order had went through and was shipped out already. Three months later I had still not received my package so I contacted them again. This time they responded saying my address was "un-deliverable". I never heard from them again.

I have tried contacting both websites since then to get a refund or at least get my product with no luck. Now I see that both sites have been shut down, but this is the internet. I know that they are back up under a different name. BE CAUTIOUS and ALWAYS, ALWAYS read the reviews for sites BEFORE you purchase from them.

I normally always do.This was the first time I didn't and I got screwed!

Review about: Wall Decors. is a scam

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I placed an order on Septemeber 20th,2011.I wrote them on October 11th to ask where my order was and if it had been shipped, the wrote me back stating it could take about 20 business days just to process and another 20 days to ship!!

When I asked why I did not get any response from them. It has now been well over 20 business days and I have wrote them several times to see where my order is at and they have not wrote me back.

They have no phone number to contact them, only an email.Do not buy from this company they are over priced, have the worst customer service and shipping/processing time is outrageous.

Review about: Stickers For The Wall.



I ordered from for decal and then also a card from autozone.Did not receive either.

I wrote to the betterbusiness bureau and got my money refunded and got the product I ordered.

If you look up them online, you will see a warning from the BBB.Good luck to you all.


Did anyone ever receive their orders from has anyone contacted about this issues?

I have emailed stickonwalldecor countless times after receiving the "20 day" email BS in December (it took 3 months just to get that response).

I just contacted Savemore customer service.So just curious if anyone had any success.


I placed an order with them in September 2011.I contacted them via email and never received a response.

It is now March 2012, so obviously I will never receive the decal I ordered.

I also used the voucher, so luckily I only paid $2 out of pocket, but I'm still very irritated with the fact that there is no phone number to contact them at when they ignore your emails.:(


Let's all contact they should have deals from legimate sites!


:upset I've had the same issues & I finally got something from them and it's not even the item I ordered!


I had the same issue!!!!!I ordered through savemore on Oct 2, 2011 and it is now Dec 31, 2011 and still haven't received my order!!!!

Stickonwalldecor replied to my initial email that it would be another 5-7 business day and that was in Nov.

They will no longer respond to my emails.Is there no phone number or any other way to contact this pitiful site??


Same thing here.:( I ordered thru in sept and a month ago they sent me an email stating a shipping delay.

Mind you I ordered in Sept.They are no longer responding to emails and savemore cant do anything about it.


It has been 2 months and counting.I never received my product.

I am being ignored by stickonwalldecor and also savemore.Both are a total ripoff and need to be taken off of the net


I have had the exact same issue and I received the same email stating the 20 business day thing. I too have written to them as well with no response.

I recommend filling reports with the Better Business Bureau as well as the federal trade commission.

This company is not legitimate.


I am having the same issue. It has been 2 months and still no shipped product. It has been 12 days since they have last replied to me

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